Dienstag, 28. Juli 2009

Ben Middelkamp — In Between Thoughts and Nature.

Kultur in anderen Teilen der Erde: Davon hat sich der niederländische Künstler Ben Middelkamp in den zurückliegenden Jahren inspirieren lassen.

Dabei entstanden Bilder und Skulpturen, hergestellt aus Naturstoffen, Erinnerungen in Gold und Silber – die jetzt in Berlin ausgestellt werden.
Zur Finissage der Schau „Zwischen Gedanken und Natur“ laden wir Sie herzlich ein.

Freitag, 28. August 2009, 19 Uhr
Martinski Fine Arts
Gneisenaustraße 64, 10961 Berlin

Ben Middelkamp wurde 1957 in Wijhe/Niederlande geboren. Seit dem Besuch der Kunstschule Ubbo Emmius in Leeuwarden arbeitet er als bildender Künstler und Maler. Seine Kunst wird in zahlreichen Ausstellungen in den Niederlanden, Paris, Berlin und San Diego gezeigt.
Der Künstler ist zur Finissage der Schau anwesend und steht für Interviews zur Verfügung.

Mask (mixed media, 2009)

The exhibition opening to Ben Middelkamp's exhibition Zwischen Gedanken und Natur was on Thursday, 30 July 2007.

Ben Middelkamp on his Art:
The things I see and process images, history and geography — have always been very important to me. Combined with my strong feeling for nature and old things, this inspires me to create my statues. By preference, my chosen materials are old and half-decayed. I have used old and thrown away materials since my days as a member of the artgroup DNA Funart Vactorie. However the materials being used have changed from man-made to nature-made.

I paint in a tradition of Art Brut and Jean Dubuffet. I see the world in images and colors, and use rich colors and gold and silver. The lineage of the latter two being clearly drawn from my catholic youth, from whence I was raised in a world with statues paintings and colors. Never afraid of using colors.

Although a lot of my work has to do with nature, humans are always present in my work. You will nearly always recognize human figures and faces. I have seen a lot of human suffering during my former work in a hospital, in the terminal ward. The strength and hopelessness I witnessed are, for me, strong reminders of “the real thing”: of human life.

I like these typical humans whom you sometimes meet, a farmer, a grocer or just a guy or woman with a characteristic face. I'm very much inspired by old cultures such as aboriginals, Native North Americans and other native races. Their figurative and non-figurative paintings inspire me most.

CV Ben Middelkamp:
He is born in Wijhe, Netherlands.

He sees stained glass windows in parish church.

He starts to feel like an artist.

He paints seascapes and sunsets, sells them in the local village.
Land art projects in Thurso, Northern Scotland.

Land art projects island of Terschelling, Netherlands.
He writes poems, travel stories and plays.

Attends the art school Ubbo Emmius, Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

Founding Member of DNA Funart Vactorie (Members included: Ben Middelkamp, Jeroen Boschma, Paul Stolte and (as of 1990) Bryin Abraham).

DNA Funart Vactorie CV
KGB, West Berlin, AUGEN Performance Events 1-4

Front Kino, West Berlin, "Blutnacht" Performance Party
Front Kino, West Berlin, Beschaeftigungsrherapie 1-3
West Berlin, Augen Magazine 1-4
Humanistisch Centrum Groningen, Exhibition

Galerie Paranorm, West Berlin, Exhibition
Open Air Festival, Paris, Performance
Spoekepolle, Leeuwarden, Exhibition
Luxor, Arnhem, Netherlands, Painting Performance
SoToDo Galerie, West Berlin, "Sex Show", Exhibition

Galerie "das Fenster'", West Berlin, Exhibition
VSCD , Drachten, The Netherlands, Exhibition and Painting Performance
Galerie Paranorm, West Berlin, Exhibition
"noord/zuid campagne" Leeuwarden /Tilburg, Painting Performance
DNA Galerie, Arnhem, Exhibition and Performance
Luxor, Arnhem, Painting Performance
SoToDo Galerie, West Berlin. Tea Time 1-4, Events

Galerie "das Fenster" West Berlin, Exhibition
Galerie Bichette, West Berlin, Installation
"Wallpaper the Wall", West Berlin, a wallpapering action
on the Berlin Wall at Potsdamer Platz.
Pike, West Berlin, "A Happening", Performance Event
Galerie Paranorm, West Berlin, Façade Painting
Central Space Gallery, London, Exhibition and Performance
Pike, West Berlin, "Attack of the Killer Wigs".
Galerie Paranorm, West Berlin, Façade Painting 2
Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung, West Berlin, Exhibition
L'Heure Maxime, Paris, Exhibition
Galerie Cebo, Paris, Exhibition & Installation
Montreuill, Paris, Exhibition and Performance
"Greetings from Holland Tour", Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin
Galerie Henkeshuis, Rotterdam, Exhibition
Galerie Paradise Regained, Rotterdam, Exhibition
"Art Amsterdam" Art Fair
Tryater Leeuwarden, Stage Design
"Blatt fur Blatt", West Berlin/East Berlin, A Postering Action at 14 Locations (7 West, 7 East)

Interglotz, West Berlin, Exhibition
Dunker Club, East Berlin, Go East, Exhibition
Galerie Paranorm, Wedding Dress, exhition
ACUD Galerie East Berlin, "DNA is Here" Painting, Performance and Exhibition
Galerie De Loch, East Berlin, "The Walls of the Gallery", Painting Performance
Galerie De Loch, East Berlin, "The Walls Must Go", Painting Performance
Futureclub, West Berlin, "Broken Hearts", Exhibition
Bargelb, West Berlin, Karo, Exhibition
Dunker Club, East Berlin, "A Night to Remember", Performance Party
Kanzlei Gutzman, West Berlin, "Title Pages", Exhibition
Frysk Festival, Holland, Creative Design, Banners and Billboards
Galerie Hoffman, Amsterdam, "The DNA Ego Exhibition"
Tryater Leeuwarden, Stage Design
Ruse Gallery, San Diego, Performance
Galerie De Loch, East Berlin, "Heute keine Kunst"
Last exhibition of DNA Funart Vactorie at
Gallery “De Lawei”,
Drachten, Netherlands

He marries Marja.

Exhibition ‘De lieve vrouw” Amersfoort, Netherlands.

Paintings on trees and in caves on the island of Terschelling and

Schiermonnikoog (Netherlands) and Karpathos (Greece).
Exhibition “Open Gallery” Groningen
Arte limitado, Den Haag, Netherlands
His son Tren is born
His daughter Eerin is born
Exhibition in Berlin: “In Between Thoughts and Nature”.

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