Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010

Conrad: Dark Gold / Dunkles Gold — Finissage

Conrad: Dark Gold / Dunkles Gold

Conrad, a 42-year-old born Berliner, is a self-taught artist of startling creativity and vision. An iconoclastic creator of icons, he paints icons for the modern age, icons that are as equally respectful of their topic as they are questioning, forever in search of another level beyond the blind faith of the unthinking masses. Using the traditional language of Christian religious painting, he tweaks his topics and images to create a visual vocabulary that is familiar yet foreign, freely encompassing concepts from all major religions of the world and then some. His work straddles the fine line between beauty and kitsch, decoration and content, peace and violence. But one thing his work is never: disrespectful. Whether you are a believer or disbeliever—or possibly never had an opinion one way or the other—his work will enthral you and thrill you.

Finissage: Freitag 29. Januar 2010, 19-23 Uhr

Austellungsdauer: bis 29.01.10, Mi-Fr 16-19 Uhr & nach Vereinbarung

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