Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

Ben Middelkamp: New Works

Ben Middelkamp: New Works

Eröffnung / opening:
Sonntag, 12 Juni 2011, von 12-16 Uhr

(während der Umzug des Karneval der Kulturen)

Ausstellungsdauer: 12 Juni – 22 Juli 2011 Mit-Fri 16-19 Uhr
(oder nach Absprache unter
0173 172 1003 oder 030 69 53 48 36)

Following his successful exhibition at the Outsider Art House in Veenhuizen, the Netherlands, the Dutch artist Ben Middelkamp (*1957) returns to Martinski Fine Arts.

Middelkamp's paintings and sculptures utilize primarily natural and found materials and are inspired by the diversity and vastness of the world and its inhabitants.

"The things I see and process — images, history and geography — have always been very important to me. Combined with my strong feeling for nature and old things, this inspires me to create my statues. By preference, my chosen materials are old and half-decayed."
(Ben Middelkamp, 2010)

Gallery location:

As a member of the art group DNA Funart Vactorie, Ben Middelkamp wallpapers the Berlin Wall in 1989.

The same site less than a week later:
Photograph: Copyright 2011 by Felix.

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