Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2009

Lewis Forever & Joanna Seitz — Opening

Lewis Forever & Joanna Seitz

Friday, 25 July 2009


Saturday, 26 July 2009
8 pm

LEWIS FOREVER is a performance collective of four siblings: three sisters and a brother, a director, two dancers and a musician. LF is a family living half in New York and half in Berlin, half Dominican and half Jewish-American, a performance collective and a bloodline. LF makes new performance work for both theatrical and non-theatrical spaces. LF also throws parties and creates other social situations that provide the opportunity to embody ideas and questions surrounding collective versus individual vision, emigration, post-American identity, transient identities, “transnationalism”, belonging, longing, and dislocation.
Taking on the configuration of a collective LF proposes a new model for the family structure reconfiguring traditional notions. Family being the first society we acclimate to and the way we begin to understand the organization of our communities, we are interested in the family structure as a site for recasting the molds that shape our understandings of the world. LF is the taproot from which stem the various incarnations of our work. LF is comprised of Ligia, George Jr., Isabel, and Sarah Lewis.
Together we create a magnetic charisma produced by four individuals whose united cultural and familial fabrics come together in an expression of LOVE towards one another to be shared with our audience. Can we realistically share this ’magic’ created by four siblings whose intricate cultural fabric is so deeply interwoven? We think so.
We embrace the spectator's gaze knowing the undeniable separateness of the LEWIS FOREVER. This separateness is not a static state however. LF believe in blurring the lines between the familial and alien, communicating in a reciprocal exchange between ourselves and the audience.
We propose situations that enable the audience to not only watch but join in on the Lewis's communing, gesticulating, eating, etc... We serve as agents working to achieve a united admiration for the magical present where truth lies in the off-the-cuff, in-the-moment fabrication of immediate circumstances. Everyone and everything is subject to the whims of now. LEWIS FOREVER host a space where logic subsides. We infect the space with our generosity and openness so identities can merge and LF becomes more than just a bloodline, but also a malleable familial and cultural fabric that can extend, embrace, wrap, unwrap, twirl, simply hang, or be hung onto. Bound by this fabric, we LF extend to you.

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