Montag, 20. Juli 2015

Ben Middelkamp — Fertility

Vernissage: Freitag, 24. Juli 2015
19-22 Uhr

The artist will be present at the opening.

Martinski Fine Arts
Gneisenaustrasse 64, 10961 Berlin
U-Südstern o. Gneisenaustrasse

Austellungsdauer: 24.07.15 - 04.09.15
M-F 11-17 Uhr

Ben Middelkamp's current exhibition, "Fertility", presents a diverse selection of paintings, objects and sculptures celebrating the fecundity of life and the spirits involved. There are fertility spirits for a good sea and a good harvest, there are fertility spirits for peace and good life — and this show is in their honor.

There is the fertility spirit, and it is sorely needed these days as there is a lot infertility around us. Fertility has to been spread by wind and water, by earth and air, by rivers and seas. Fertility can reach all people and all living creatures. Life will blossom if only fertility can reach us.”
Ben Middelkamp, Summer 2015

Ben Middelkamp was born in Wijhe, The Netherlands, in 1957. Among his earliest recollections are those of the stained-glass windows of the parish church, which are perhaps his first artistic influence and inspiration to create art himself. By 1974, he felt himself an artist and would sell his seascapes and sunsets in the local villages. In 1980, he did his first landart prokjects (in Thurso, Northern Scotland, and the island of Terschelling, The Netherlands), and three years later began attending the art school Ubbo Emmius in Leeuwarden. A founding member of the artgroup DNA Funart Vactorie (other members Jeroen Boschma, Paul Stolte and [as of 1990] Bryin Abraham), he has exhibited across Europe as well as in NYC and Los Angeles. In 1994, he married his wife Marja, with whom he now has two children, Tren (born 2001) and Eerin (born 2003). Ben Middelkamp and his family now reside in Gröningen.

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